The Environment

Every year, about 10,000 tons of discarded Mardi Gras beads wind up in landfills. Bead Town teaches the process of how to make art out of discarded materials such as Beads, Bottle Caps, Screws, Nails, and other materials - We even used 46 million-year-old fossils. 


At Bead Town:

We are creating Art together - One Bead at a Time

Bead Town is a growing community project, and was founded in 2010 by mosaic artist Stephan Wanger, with the help of thousands of students, parents, teachers and volunteers. Workshops organized through Bead Town are open to the general public, and are entertaining, inspirational and educational. The workshops teach the value of economic and environmental sustainability and demonstrate unique methods of recycling materials that are too often discarded. Participating students can work on locally themed artworks that become part of the Bead Town exhibit and are an extension of Bead Town’s efforts to foster community building, and most importantly sharing. Once finished, these artworks increase awareness for the host city.

Currently, you will find Bead Town in Gary, IN until May 30, 2017, at 1800 E. 35th St. Gary, IN 46409 - In partnership with the Gary Community School Corporation. With a grant from the Legacy Foundation! Mon. - Fri. 9-4pm, Sat. 9-4pm.